Welcome to theJammerWorld

Welcome to TheJammerWorld. We are a specialized team of experts dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of jamming devices for GPS, cellular and wireless RF communications. With a strong R&D team, we promise to offer high technology products to our clients. Be assured of the quality of our products which are produced with the most advanced materials and are also tested with state-of-art measurement equipments.


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Mobile Phone JammerMobile Phone Jammer

We have wide range of mobile phone jammers with different power,which can disable all types of cellular signals including the new 3G band.

GPS BlockingGPS Jammer

This portable GPS jammer is small and light. It can be easily put inside your pocket or hand bag.

Multifunctional JammerMultifunctional Jammer

We offer multifunctional jammers,including GPS&cell phone jammer,cell phone&Wifi jammer,GPS&cell phone&wifi jammer.

Wifi JammerBug Device Jammer

It will disable almost any wireless signals.Great for protecting access to your pc or to ensure you are not under video surveillance.

Cell Phone Detector&Bug DetectorCell Phone&Bug Detector

Cell phone detector and bug detector are great devices created in response to the growing concern over safety in an environment bombarded by electromagnetic waves.