About a month ago, I and office partners went to the pub where we play the many more casino game but Cracker Jack is one of the favorite pokie. The weather was so awesome and the day was full of energy, I felt refresh after playing such types of game.So I would like to share my experience or interesting moment about this game which I like the most.  Play classic slot machine game and try your luck. Read this short review and mastering in crack jack win tons of cash prizes. It’s not the explosive fire cracker, this great graphics and sizzling cracker theme slot game created by Microgaming online.

Feature provided in free slot Cracker Jack game like multiplier symbols, wild symbols, 3 reels, 1 payline and contains millions of dollars. It’s a very easy and fun game because you can bet start from 25 cent. It is a very simple and straight forward game to play for beginners experienced people also. The main goal of this game is to match the symbols on single payline and win more prizes next to the reels. You get 3 cracker’s logo on the reel then you won the jackpot of 5000 coins as long as you bet max.  Cracker Jack logo works as a wild and as a multiplier. There are no scatters or any other symbol to worry and you can only focus on your 5000 coins jackpot without any distraction. Get two Cracker Jack symbols which will double your chances to win and two for quadruple your current payout. So download the game on your smartphone and iPhone, if you want more fun than download the 3D version of this game otherwise you can play directly without any download and grab the opportunities to win the welcome bonus as cash prize.