Since the invention of computers, it has been a work-in-progress to create verbal commands that computers can understand. Voice command has many applications, and innovators are perfecting the technology. It is now possible to use reliable, efficient voice commands more often. Mobile access is becoming a standard feature in casinos.

Recent advances in voice recognition for smartphones have allowed users to activate functions, search applications, and transcribe text messages. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies in execution were the main problems of the past. Phones can now use voice commands to communicate more than basic instructions, such as searching for contacts. Vlingo, ShoutOut, and Dragon are phone applications that can understand search queries and convert people’s speech into text messages.

Businesses recognize these technological advances and make plans to use voice commands to enhance their products. Online casinos are one industry that is ready to use voice recognition software. Lucky Blackjack spoke directly to developers at internet gambling sites about bringing such features to their websites. Software that interprets a voice into digital information and computes the sounds is used to complete the process. Online casinos consider this technology for players who access their games via mobile phones. This audio command control technology will soon be used to play mobile games such as poker and blackjack.